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Arizona Javelina Fabric Panel - ANW-061

Arizona Javelina Fabric Panel - ANW-061

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If you’ve never seen a Javelina, you probably won’t appreciate this….they are a truly unique animal, found only in Arizona as far as I know. I think of it as a cross between a wild boar and a pot bellied pig….cute when they are little, like many things. Digitally printed on high quality quilting cotton, washable and colorfast. Size is 12”X16”.

Our panels boast unparalleled design. Typically, a photograph provides the base, which we then modify using a combination of adjustments to colors, contrast, and background. Printing is done with a digital commercial-grade process on superior quilting cotton, providing a soft touch, bold color, superior clarity, and lasting colorfastness. In addition, the panels can be safely washed.

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