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Palm Tree Sunset Fabric Panel - PSS-005

Palm Tree Sunset Fabric Panel - PSS-005

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Iconic sunset through palm trees is digitally printed on high quality quilting cotton. Size is 28”X18”. Washable and colorfast. This panel is made with high quality quilting cotton, ensuring digital printing that captures the iconic sunset through palm trees. The fabric is colorfast and washable, providing exceptional longevity. With a size of 28" x 18", this fabric panel is perfect for a variety of projects and crafts.

Our fabric panels are unparalleled in their uniqueness. We begin by selecting an image, often a photograph, and then playfully adjusting the colors, contrast, and background by adding or subtracting elements. Finally, we utilize a professional-grade digital printing process on top-notch quilting cotton to achieve a soft texture, vibrant color, superb clarity, and complete colorfastness. Yes, they are even machine washable!

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