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Arlene Walsh Designs

Guess Hoo Two Quilt Pattern - An Arlene Walsh Design, Southwest Pattern, Fused Applique

Guess Hoo Two Quilt Pattern - An Arlene Walsh Design, Southwest Pattern, Fused Applique

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Guess Hoo Two - 13” x 19” or 19” x 33-1/2” 

Select the size you want to make – or make both for double the fun! This wide-eyed owl invites a colorful pelt of feathers and striking expression. Guess Hoo will take you to the next step in collage building by utilizing even smaller fabric pieces to create your unique art quilt. The wide body of the owl allows you to practice value and flow techniques. Collage is like eating potato chips as you add fabric you get excited to find the next perfect piece. Unlike most raw edge applique, this process uses a glue product to baste the fabric in place until stitching. Fast and Fun, Fun, Fun!  

Create an original fiber art wall-hanging using the detailed patterns and instructions of Arlene Walsh Designs. Employing a variety of appliqué techniques and tools throughout her patterns, Arlene Walsh has translated traditional pen and ink art images to dynamic multi-dimensional wall-hanging quilts and provided you with the information necessary to replicate these striking works of art.  

Arlene brings over fifty years of experience in quilt making and design to her patterns. Her personal quilting began to take over when she discovered needle turn appliqué. Soon Arlene was drawing pictures and transforming them into fabric art. In 1994, Arlene Walsh Designs, a quilt pattern company that specialized in Southwest designs, was formed. Arlene has lectured and taught in shops and at guilds across the country.

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